Dr. Raj. A. Nemala. M.Pharm., Ph.D

Is a post graduate teacher with solid research & academic credentials in Analytical method development and validation for active pharmaceutical ingredients in bulk and in pharmaceutical formulations.

Dr. Raj. A. Nemala has taught pharmacognosy and pharmaceutical analysis for over 9 years. His efforts in research has led to the publications of 25 original research papers in national and international journals. A much consulted pharmaceutical analyst, he is presently in the midst of development of new analytical methods for the estimation of active pharmaceutical ingredients in complex matrices and biological samples and can be contacted at dr.rajnemala@gpattutor.com

Teaching Statement

At its most fundamental level, I believe that teaching is about engaging the mind. It is about inspiring students to reflect intelligently about diverse macro- and micro-level in technology based courses like pharmaceutical sciences. In short, for me, teaching is about challenging and inspiring students to think. Students deserve to know why we are teaching, what we are teaching, why we are taking the approach. Responsible, responsive teachers explain how the skills they are teaching might be used -- in and out of the classroom. Without relevance, students will fail to see a need to grasp what it is that is being taught. In other words, it is often a good idea to explain the rationale behind a particular assignment, project, etc. At its core, teaching is not simply about getting students a job -- although this is part of the material equation -- it is about providing students with a set of conceptual tools that can be, and ultimately will be, used in a variety of disparate contexts. It is, in other words, about inspiring students to think -- in- and out-side of the classroom.

In my classroom, I want students to see me not only demonstrating practices we are studying but also reflecting on what has occurred during the class period. When I teach I also want students to know that I care about them, I am interested in them, and I respect them; so I work very hard to make sure my students find me accessible. Because of that effort, I create a strong sense of community in my classroom. In turn, I also want them to question me, the texts I use, and the methods I use to facilitate their construction of new learning. I also create PowerPoint presentations for class, and encourage the use of technology in student projects. I want students to completely understand what the expectations are for the courses I teach. I strive to continue learning how I can improve my teaching, because I love to teach and find it very rewarding.

Dr. Raj. A. Nemala. M.Pharm., Ph.D
Chief Content Officer